Balayage is not only for BLONDES.

Not only for blondes, brunettes and redheads can also enjoy Balayage hair coloring. Versatile for you.

Balayage Hair Color is for Brunettes, Too: Not Just for Blonds, Balayage Stunningly Natural Effects.

Brunette Balayage, Complete Hair Color and Style Transformation: The Balayage hair color process, a specialty of Mixed Co. Salon in Chicago, is extremely versatile. There's an assumption that balayage is blonde-exclusive . Not the case... balayage, in the right hands, is gorgeous with brunettes and redheads, to.

Not only for blondes, balayage hair color process here adds a beautiful dimension, bolstered by taking this already beautiful brunette base color a bit richer, then adding specifically placed pieces of balayage highlights and lowlights. Balayage is a free handed hair painting technique that works on all hair colors, creating that gorgeous, natural sun kissed effect.

The transformation continues with a gorgeous haircut, taking the length down a bit, adding some shape, then styling the hair in a soft, beachy look. A bit a curl to her hair goes a long way in complimenting the color. Classic hair cutting techniques meet the cutting edge trends here, helping complete the overall makeover..