Balayage Hair Color is NOT Ombre.

Balayage is a highlighting and/or lowlighting technique. Ombre is a Hair Coloring Trend.

Balayage used to create a subtle Ombre hair color effect... Enter Mixed Co. Salon's very own Ombrayage Effect© .

Ombre is NOT Balayage. Balayage is a technique. Ombre is a trend. Although the balayage hair coloring technique can create the ombre effect, they are not synonymous. Ombre started with harsh variation between the highly processed ends of hair, contrasting with a usually much deeper tone from root to end.

Mixed Co. Salon, a top Chicago Salon, developed a specific approach to Ombre hair color process utilizing balayage, a specialty of the salon. Balayage is a hand painted highlighting and/or lowlighting hair coloring technique. The ombre effect is best achieved with the specific placement allowed with the balayage process, Painted by Patrick, developed by Mixed Co's very own, a top Chicago hair colorist, Patrick Ryan.


The Ombrayage Effect© is a more refined outcome, lacking the harshness of most Ombre techniques. Take a look at the soft, beautiful hair color effect of the balayage mixed with ombre, let's say the Omrbayage. We've morphed the two gorgeous techniques, so you can have a more polished version of ombre, with the soft transition to lighter ends.Mohammed, a top Chicago hair stylist, knocks out a gorgeous cut and blowout, finishing the complete makeover.Kimberly, one of Chicago's finest makeup artist, puts the final polish with her brushes.