A Chicago Top Hair Salon. From the best Balayage to top hair cuts, Mixed Co Salon has you covered. River North, Steeterville, Gold Coast, Mag Mile, Old Town, West Town, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lake view, Lincoln Park. Top Hair colorist in Chicago. Top Hair Stylist in Chicago


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Chicago Hair Color Tyger Balayage
Chicago Hair Color Tyger Balayage

Since joining Mixed Co. Salon in Dec. 2010, Tyger (aka Ren) has trained extensively directly under Patrick Ryan. An amazing hair colorist in Chicago, trained with top hair color techniques, Tyger's love of painting on canvas has translated amazingly well with the free-handed hair painting, balayage. With numerous L'Oreal Professionnel Color Courses, including SoHo Academy with Nancy Braun, Vidal Sassoon Academy along with Bumble & Bumble University Color NYC courses under her belt.

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A top Chicago hair salon, Mixed Co. Salon is proud to offer only the best in hair color, top haircuts and stunning styling to Chicago. Mixed Co. is located in the thriving River North neighborhood.

Founded with passion by one of Chicago's top rated Hair Colorist, Patrick Ryan. Recognized by some of the top beauty magazines (InStyle, Allure, VOGUE, Michigan Ave), Patrick is motivated by supplying each and every client the very best in hair color.

At Mixed Co. Salon, that same motivation shines through. We focus on continually bringing you, our beautiful, smiling clients, the very best in a hair salon experience that Chicago has to offer.​


A High End Salon in Chicago that is warm and welcoming. Find out for yourself why the top magazines ranked us as one of the very best salons in Chicago... Join in!

Ranked consistently as a top Hair Salon in Chicago and America, Chicago Salon Mixed Co. Salon, supplies the best in Hair colorist and top hair stylist. Located in River North, convienent to Mag Mile, Steeterville, Gold Coast, Wicker Park, Bucktown, South L
A Top Chicago Hair Salon, Mixed Co. Salon, founded by nationally renowned hair colorist Patrick Ryan. Recognized as a top Hair Colorist in the nation, he brings a passion to supply  the best hair salon in Chicago with the top hair stylists and colorists.
Patrick Ryan, a top rate Chicago hair colorist balayage specialist ranked top 5 in nation
Ranked consistently as a top Hair Salon in Chicago and America, Chicago Salon Mixed Co. Salon, supplies the best in Hair colorist and top hair stylist. Located in River North, convienent to Mag Mile, Steeterville, Gold Coast, Wicker Park, Bucktown, South L
Chicago deserves the finest in hair salons. Mixed Co. Salon, a top Chicago Hair Salon located in River North. Specializing in Balayage, ranked a top Salon in the Chicago  and the nation consistently, we strive to supply the best in stylists and colorist to
Chicago deserves the best hair salon experience, top hair color and the best hair stylists trends takes a passionate focus on continued education. At Mixed Co Salon in Chicago, we never stop learning, striving to supply our guests the best salon Chicago
Top Hair Education. Never-Ending.

​We respect what we do, how we do it AND who we do it with... at Mixed Co. Salon, our Crew is select in numbers, driven to be the best and passionate each and every day. We settle for nothing less then that... our clients deserve the best.


Working with the best hair stylists and top hair colorists in the industry keeps our staff performing at their best, allowing them to build off their already passionate foundation of skills.


At Mixed Co. Salon, we believe in continuing setting the trends... that's our dedication to you.

Our Focus

You are our focus. Your desire and vision meshed with our talent and skill equals the top results in hair and beauty.

From the best balayage to the top hair cuts Chicago, we have you covered.

Chicago, you should expect simply the best methods in hair coloring, cutting and styling... and that's why we're here... for you.

Our focus on supplying the best in a hair salon experience shines through with our dedication to continued education.

Each stylist and colorists consistently hone their craft with the best educators from around the globe.

Our Beliefs

We believe in setting the trends rather then following them... continually striving to be our best... supplying Chicago a top hair salon experience.

We believe you deserve the finest techniques and the best service... from beginning to end... each and every time.

We believe in beauty and the willingness to express yourself... to be the best version you can be... everyday.

We believe in us... we believe in you... and together, we make great company.

We are Mixed Co. and we welcome you to join... be our guest, it's more about you.

Quite simply, our process is: Everyday, every client, each and every visit, we want to supply the best in hair color, cut and style to Chicago.


Everyday, we strive to bring Chicago the best salon experience.

Every client deserves the best service, bar none. Your visit is your time to relax, knowing your in the best of hands.

Each and every visit is special ans unique. Whether it's your first experience with us or not, nothing is taken for granted.

From a warm welcome and a glass of complimentary wine  to feeling refreshed and just that much more gorgeous leaving us... Join us, you deserve it.

Our Process

Mixed Co. Salon has a comprehensive recycling / reuse program that will help us to significantly reduce our environmental impact on the planet.


The program helps us to redirect out of water streams and landfills everything once considered as garbage: hair, foils, color tubes, paper, plastics, and liquid chemical waste.


We recycle/reuse upwards of 95% of all of our waste. As an early adopter of Green Circle Salon methodology, we hope to ameliorate our ecological footprint by implementing simple green changes that will make both our salon, and our industry, more sustainable.


Sustainability is beautiful.

Our Enviroment

From a washed out brunette to a stunning, ravishing redhead, Maren gets the full salon treatment.

We take the mousy brown tones completely out of her hair, creating a majestic red with a healthy shine and bounce.

Michelle cuts and styles with some of the top styling techniques in the industry. Her experience as a top hair stylist, a Bumble and Bumble Network Educator, Michelle specifies the texture and style before ever applying her shears to hair.

Put the cherry on top with a makeup session with Kimberly.

Maren hits the streets that much more confident, ready to conquer whatever may come her way.

After her beauty makeover with Mixed Co. Salon, it's her world, we are all just borrowing some space in it.


Mixed Co. Salon is consistently ranked as a top hair salon in Chicago and the nation by numerous magazines. Find out why.

Balayage meets Ombre... Ombrayage. We've developed a specific approach to Ombre hair color process utilizing balayage, a specialty of the salon. Balayage is a hand painted highlighting and/or lowlighting hair coloring technique.

The hot ombre effect is best achieved with the specific placement allowed with the balayage process, Painted by Patrick, developed by Mixed Co's very own, Patrick Ryan, a top Chicago hair colorist.

Take a look at the soft, beautiful hair color effect of the balayage mixed with ombre, let's say the Omrbayage. We've morphed the two gorgeous techniques, so you can have a more polished version of ombre, with the soft transition to lighter ends.

Mohammed, a top Chicago hair stylist, knocks out a gorgeous cut and blowout, finishing the complete makeover.

Kimberly, one of Chicago's finest makeup artist, puts the final polish with her brushes.

Blonde turns Amber Redhead, Styles Chicago with Beauty Makeover.

Blonde turns Amber hair color, with Ruby Red tones to the hair color makeover. Luscious, healthy hair color provided by Mixed Co. Salon's Kristen, a top hair colorist that works wonders in vibrant, rich hair color tones.

Utilizing the best hair coloring techniques, she takes the blonde and creates a lavish amber.

The haircut and hair style is crafted by Mixed Co. Salon's Stephanie. Again following top hair cutting and styling techniques, she adds a soft shape with her skilled scissors.

She then styles in a classic hair style that sends our model off with a level of self confidence that has her ready for a great night ahead and what may come after.


Chicago deserves the best hair salon, bar none. Find out why Mixed Co. Salon is ranked by top publications as one of the best hair salons in Chicago.