Since joining Mixed Co. Salon in Dec. 2010, Ren (aka Tyger) has trained extensively directly under Patrick Ryan. Her love of painting on canvas has translated amazingly well with the free-handed hair painting, balayage.

With numerous L'Oreal Professionnel Color Courses, including SoHo Academy with Nancy Braun, Vidal Sassoon Academy along with Bumble & Bumble University Color NYC courses under her belt, Ren has the skills and focus to create just the color you're looking for... as individual as you. Her focus, from day one, has been balayage.

Ren has always been a creative thinker, inspired by numerous creative outlets. Painting though, has always been a main outlet for her. She finds inspiration in all senses but they are all trumped by anything visual. Color inspires her like nothing else. She feels fortunate that her artistic passion has found a comfortable home within the beauty industry.

Ren believes we're all beautiful individuals with distinct personalities and style. Whether you want to accentuate your natural beauty, or rock some funky color, Ren loves creating that unique look just for you.

In her spare time, Ren enjoys many of life's simple things: biking, urban exploring, cooking, traveling, cuddling with her cat Pilu, and learning the accordion, just to name a few. And, of course, painting is still a huge part what makes her tick.

Ren (aka Tyger)


"I also headed back to Ren (Tyger) for a highlight to boost up my drab locks that I felt definitely needed some brightness, especially for the summer weather rolling into Chicago.

FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC times two!!!!!!

Ren did a GREAT job.  My hair looked exactly how I wanted it to.  No joke. Perfect color, just enough low light that wasn't a stark contrast to the brightness." ~Stephanie

"Definitely the most impressed I've been after a hair service... she did such an amazing job.

So much talent!

Do not be hesitant because she has clearly had extensive training and did a better job than many of the "senior" "tier 1" stylists I have gone to. Ren is stellar. " ~Mary