Painted by Patrick. Get SWEPT away.

Natural. Beautiful. Original.


Patrick Ryan, listed as one of the country's top hair colorist by InStyle (2011 Ultimate Beauty Black Book, Oct. 11), VOGUE (2010 Best of Beauty Guide), Michigan Avenue Magazine (June 2012) and ALLURE (Dec. 09) and is passionate about his clients.  Honored to be recognized for Chicago hair colorists, Patrick believes in a comprehensive consultation before hair color is ever applied.  That's also his passion and belief for his training process... hands-on classes, in-depth training presentations, consultative education.

It's about what you want... your vision.  He wants to know your individual style.  He takes the time to listen.  With his years of experience, he applies his own expertise to the process and beautifully crafts the outcome... your ideal you. As the proud founder, Patrick Ryan welcomes you to explore Painted By Patrick.

NATURAL as that sun-kissed hair of your youth.  No one wants to be weighed down by blocky color.  Patrick's processes, whether balayage or foil, encompass the best in hair color techniques.  No more stripy, chunky highlights.  As a true artist, he takes skintone, eye color and your input into account in order to create...

BEAUTIFUL outcomes, the ultimate goal.  Confident.  Inspired.  Energized.  Your beauty optimized.  Patrick thrives off it, from you and for you.  Hair color done well compliments everything.  When you look the part, you act the part.  Hair color is one of the best ways to be...

ORIGINAL, expressing your unique style.  Patrick's hair color methods are among of the best, allowing your own vision to be expertly styled to you.  You deserve something personal.  Patrick recognizes the care and consideration it takes to satisfy the individual.

Get Painted by Patrick.

© is a comprehensive hair color method of supplying the finest hair color solutions tailored for each individual. From balayage, the hair painting process preferred by Hollywood, to foils, you are in the best of hands.  Patrick is proud to have co-founded not only Painted By Patrick but now one of Chicago's top salons, Mixed Co. Salon, a L'Oreal  Color Center located in Chicago's thriving River North neighborhood.

Balayage Personalized for YOU.


Patrick Ryan, a top rate Chicago hair colorist balayage specialist ranked top 5 in nation

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